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Workfare And WCA ‘Quotas’ Constitute FRAUD

The idea of an ‘assessment’ is to be assessed. Someone actually looks at one’s case and decides it on an individual basis.

There is, on the other hand, clear evidence of suspension of welfare benefits for Workfare, and rejection of ESA claims during the Work Capability Assessment, based not upon individual assessments but on quotas.

If a member of staff at the Job Centre is being expected to sanction X number of claimants a week, then this makes a complete mockery of the whole concept of individual assessment. If it’s a Friday afternoon and he’s down to his last case for the week and he needs one more sanction to fulfill his quota of sanctions for the week….then the case has already been pre-decided before the claimant even entered the Job Centre !

Similarly, if an assessor deciding Work Capability Assessments ( the clue to what should be happening is in the name ) is being forced to go by quotas, then one has the exact same effect. Someone ends up NOT actually being ‘assessed’ but automatically denied a claim due to quotas having to be met.

This is fraud.

There are no two ways about it.  Quotas and assessments do not go together.  You either have one or you have the other. It is logically impossible to assert that a true and genuine individual assessment has occured if the outcome has already been determined by the requirement that an assessor has to meet a specific quota.


How To Fill In Form ESA50 Appropriately

So…’ve received form ESA50, Limited Capability For Work Questionaire, and you can hear demonic voices from Dante’s inferno cackling at it’s hellishness.

The first thing to bear in mind is that even though you are claiming Employment ‘Support’ Allowance the form is designed to do everything but ‘support’ you.  It is a trick questionaire, full of questions that are on par with ‘ Have you stopped beating your wife yet ?’. Yes, form ESA50 is ‘the blue pill’ from The Matrix…your free entry into an insane world of Mad Hatters and teapots.

Questions such as ‘Can you learn to do a simple task such as setting an alarm clock ?’, for example.

Never mind what incapacitating condition you may have…if you can set an alarm clock you are clearly fit for work, you scrounger ! It would be very tempting to just put ‘What’s an alarm clock ?’…but there are only boxes for Yes, No, or the mysterious ‘It Varies’. space for how much it might vary.

Or there’s ‘ Can you learn to do a more complex task such as using a washing machine ?’ Well, I’d have thought that depends on how complex the washing machine is ! I’ve seen washing machines that require a degree in quantum physics to operate. But alas, there is no space for ‘ I am not a quantum physicist’…just Yes, or No, or once again the mysterious ‘It Varies’.  And as the question has to do with ‘learning’…what conceivable relevance does ‘It varies’ have as an answer ? Surely ‘It varies’ has to do with ability to use the device, not ability to learn.

Clearly the ESA50 form was writen by a retard who themselves needs to be asked the question ‘ English, motherf***er’, do you speak it ?’. Yes or No. Hmm,  the ESA50 form shows that ‘It varies’ would be the answer to that one!

Then there’s the check box… ‘ Please tick this box if you do not have any problems staying conscious while awake’.  I needed to call a philosopher to establish just exactly what this question means.  I have never heard of a person being unconscious while awake, though the philosopher David Chalmers does think that ‘philosophical zombies’ might exist that are awake but not conscious. Who knows….perhaps the answer ‘ I am a philosophical zombie’ might with any luck explode the computer at ATOS, bearing in mind that this whole process makes HAL from 2001 look mentally balanced.  You might be the one singing ‘Daisy…Daisy….’ by the end of it.

Hmm. ‘ Can you control your bowels and bladder without any difficulty ?’ Excellent question, to which the answer is ‘ NO…I pissed myself laughing at the sheer stupidity of this questionaire…but then when I came to my senses I shat myself thinking that some retard is going to decide my life based on the sheer stupidity of this questionaire’.

Ah…now here’s a question I like. ‘ How often do you behave in a way that upsets other people ?’. Well…you see, I have this obsessive desire to upset the sort of cretins who create and impose the idiocy of things like ESA50. So I guess that is ‘ Every Day’.

And there you have it. You might as well respond as per my comments here…as it likely won’t make a blind bit of difference to the outcome.

The Scandal That Is Employment Support Allowance

Employment Support Allowance…otherwise known as ESA.  The very name is just about the most oxymoronic and devious name ever devised to represent a welfare benefit for disabled and incapacitated people.

It used to be called Incapacity Benefit. That was, of course, before those who have decided to dismantle the welfare system hit upon the brilliant idea of making out that a regime of forcing incapacitated people into work constituted ‘helping’ or even ‘supporting’ them.

The first thing anyone learns about the move from Incapacity Benefit to Employment ‘Support’ Allowance is that it has nothing whatever to do with help or support.  The move starts with the claimant being sent a ridiculous ‘assessment’ questionaire ( form ESA50 ).  The form is 20 pages worth of idiotic questions like ‘ Can you set an alarm clock ?’ Right…so someone suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and hearing demons that threaten to burn the house down is fit for work because they can set an alarm clock ?? Seriously ?

More to the point, why is this form sent initially only to the person with the medical condition ? Why is the first point of contact for ESA the patient, via a questionaire full of trick questions designed to catch the patient out, rather than the doctor ?

And it gets worse. The completed form ESA50 is then to be returned, not to any government department but to a sub-contracted French owned company called ATOS…not primarily a medical company but an information technology company ! Yes, that’s right…someone incapacitated with heart disease, brain tumour, schizophrenia, or whatever, is to be ‘assessed’ by a subdivision of an I.T Company !

That’s on par with going to your doctor’s surgery and having your bank manager diagnose your condition ! The fact that ATOS have created a subdivision called ATOS Healthcare for this surely does not change the fact that its core business is as an I.T outsourcing company.

Only then does the claimant’s doctor…you know, the person who you’d think should have been contacted first…get contacted about the whole shenanigans.  The doctor is asked to complete a standardised report, form ESA113, which is a mere 2 pages. Yes…that’s right…the patient is asked to fill in a 20 page form while the doctor is asked to fill out a 2 page form that merely asks shorter versions of the trick questions in ESA50.  That alone tells you what this whole farcical charade is all about.

ATOS claim they do not ‘decide’ the claimant’s claim, but that is pure nonsense. Sure, it may be a person at the Department Of Work And Pensions who actually ‘decides’ the claim…but then what is the purpose of ATOS in all this if not to influence that decision ?

The net result of this farcical system is that incapacitated people are being judged ‘fit for work’…essentially based on little more than a ‘ medically trained’ computer operator at ATOS clicking check boxes for trick questions.  And to cap it all off….they have the sheer gall to call this travesty ‘support’.